Completion of the modernization works of the hold baggage processing equipment on the departures flow - check-in area "A"

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Bucharest Airports National Company has completed the modernization works of the hold baggage processing equipment on the departures flow, on the check-in area "A". The new equipment is to be put into operation as soon as possible to process passenger journeys, with operational tests of the system currently being completed, the first of which will take place on Monday 26 February.

The flow has 28 check-in counters, compared to 26 initially, and in the final stage 6 of these will be configured as "self-service drop-off" counters.

The system, which incorporates the most modern airport equipment and technologies, has a capacity of 1.150 bags per hour. At the end of the investment works, the processing capacity on the modernized flow of departures will reach 2.400 bags per hour.

CN Aeroporturi București SA started these modernization works on October 10, 2022. The contract runs for a period of two years and ensures the replacement of the checked baggage processing system in the old Plecări airport. The system, in operation for almost 20 years, includes both the check-in area, the baggage carousels and related conveyor belts, as well as the equipment for the automatic security control of checked baggage.

The contract, worth 21 million euros, was concluded with the French company Alstef Automation SAS.

During the works, one of the two check-in "zones"/"islands" in the airport are closed one by one, with the mention that the other two islands, in the new area of ​​the airport, will operate at full capacity.

When the works are completed, the baggage processing capacity on the departures flow will increase by 40% and 12 "self service drop off" counters will be available, which allow the passenger to deposit their checked baggage by themselves, without going to the counter of check-in.

CN Aeroporturi Bucharest, in collaboration with the handling agencies and the other entities involved, implemented special measures in order to, through an effective scheduling and use of the available infrastructure, avoid the creation of irregularities in the operation of air flights and, implicitly, to minimize any discomfort for passengers.

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