Has the flight MH370 Malaysia Airlines been deliberately diverted? (video)

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At 7 days after the disappearance of the Boeing 777-200ER aircraft from MH370Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said the location and ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System) were deliberately stopped shortly before disappearing from the radar, but the aircraft continued to fly. The diversion of the aviation air pirates aircraft is being considered and new checks are being carried out on the 239 of persons on board.

At the conference, which took place on 15 in March 2014, Najib Razak also said that the transponder was stopped before the plane reached the east coast of Malaysia, then made a left turn and flew northwest.

After the disappearance of the radar screens, the satellites received signals from the Boeing aircraft for 6 hours, encouraging investigators to follow two new search sections: the first corridor between Kazakhstan and Thailand, and the second between the Indian Ocean and Indonesia.

According to the New York Times, citing US sources close to the investigation, the B777 plane would have repeatedly changed its flight direction and altitude, reaching as far as 45 000 feet (13 700 meters), well above the limit allowed by Boeing for this aircraft model then descended to 23 000 standing near Penang Island. These actions were intentionally operated by someone experienced in piloting.

Investigators do not exclude the idea that the plane could have landed at a mysterious airport, and this gives hope to grieving families. We will continue to monitor the progress of the investigation and will inform you about this case.

We remind you that the aircraft had fuel for about 7.5 flight hours, since the date of its disappearance. According to the infographic below, the aircraft could be anywhere in the area bounded by the red line.


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