France suspends short-haul flights!

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France becomes the first country in the European Union bloc to suspend short flights as part of a plan to reduce carbon emissions. The Hexagon wants citizens to use French high-speed trains, known as TGVs, to travel to domestic destinations in France.

Starting in April 2022, France will implement a bill that will lead to the suspension of short flights to domestic destinations which can be reached by a 2,4-hour train journey. This includes trips from Paris to popular destinations such as Bordeaux and Lyon.

In the meantime, flights from Paris to Toulouse, which take four hours by train, and flights from Paris to Nice, which take about six hours by train, will continue to operate.

"We may have a discussion at EU level, but so far we have a national approach, given the national railway network." mentioned Djebbari.

France has a network of 2800 kilometers of high-speed rail. At the same time, you can travel quickly from France by train to destinations such as London, Frankfurt or Amsterdam. However, it does not restrict flights to these European destinations.

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