From 1 October, you can only enter the UK with your passport

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Wizz Air, the fastest growing airline in Europe, informs its passengers that the UK will no longer accept EU identity documents from 1 October 2021. Passengers traveling to the United Kingdom must present a passport to enter the country from with the month of October.

Until 2025, the only passengers exempted from the rule are EU citizens who have been granted a temporary residence permit or permanent resident status in the UK.

Passengers presenting an identity card upon entry will be refused at the border and will be considered "inadmissible passengers" (INAD - passengers who are barred from entering). Thus, Wizz Air will not accept on board its aircraft passengers who want to enter the United Kingdom with an identity card.

The airline advises its passengers to prepare valid passports during this month. Wizz Air also encourages passengers to constantly check official sources to find additional information and to confirm that all travel conditions or last minute changes have been met.

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