Germany has changed the period for mandatory quarantine upon entry into the country and the conditions for exemption from the quarantine measure (update).

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Update December 03, 2020 - Germany has launched an online portal announcing the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in each state

Update November 24, 2020 - completion: From 8 November 2020, the possibility of exemption from quarantine for persons presenting a negative test has been significantly reduced for COVID-19 performed no later than 48 hours prior to entry into Germany and translated into German or English.

The German authorities have reconsidered their approach, finding that it does not provide sufficient protection against cases of infection that occur before leaving the risk area or even during the trip to Germany.

This possibility was strictly limited to persons who: make visits for family reasons (to first and second degree relatives or spouses / partners with different residences); they need urgent medical care; provides assistance / care to people who need it immediately; works in Germany in relevant professions and fields; have to carry out a professional trip / training course whose urgency is clearly demonstrable and which does not last more than five days.

Quarantine may be suspended earlier than the usual 10-day period

Quarantine may be suspended earlier than the usual 10-day period only if a test is performed from the 5th day after entry into Germany and only from the time of communication of a negative test result.

Such a test can be performed at the family doctor or as communicated by the local health authorities and is free of charge within the first 10 days of arrival in Germany from a risk area. More information can be obtained by calling the dedicated telephone line 116 117.

If people who have arrived from risk areas begin to experience specific symptoms of COVID-19 (shortness of breath, cough, fever or loss of taste / smell) within 10 days of entering Germany, self-isolation becomes mandatory, even if testing initial indicated a negative result, and immediate contact with the local Health Authority.

The main exemptions from the quarantine measure apply to persons who: 

  • it is in tranzit; no more than 24 hours on German territory;
  • make visits from family reasons (to first degree relatives or spouses with different residences) up to 72 hours;
  • ensure professional transport of people and goods.

A number of other exceptions are also applied, with variations from one state to another, in duly justified situations, for example in the case of professional categories whose presence and concrete activity on German territory are considered absolutely necessary to maintain the functionality of some critical social systems or infrastructures.

These exemptions are neither definitive nor exhaustive, and if there are good reasons, exemptions may be granted in other situations, with the occasional consent of the local health authorities. The local regulations of the Länder and the punctual decisions of the health authorities remain decisive in this respect.

Also, people arriving from risk areas must register their personal data through the website:

Initial news with MFA information

Initial news: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs that the German authorities have announced new measures regarding the conditions of entry into the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany, especially regarding the quarantine regime for persons arriving from risk areas, including Romania.

The measures are applicable from 8 November 2020 and are mainly aimed at reducing the mandatory quarantine period from 14 to 10 days. At the same time, the exemption law from the quarantine measure was amended by presenting a molecular test (PCR) with a negative result for SARS-CoV-2 virus infection, performed prior to entering German territory.

Thus, according to the information provided by the German authorities, the quarantine period may be suspended before the expiry of the standard period of 10 days only if the person concerned undergoes a test for COVID-19 infection, starting on the fifth day after entry into the Federal Republic of Germany, and only from the time of communication of a negative test result.

You can find more information on MAE website.

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