Greece's traffic controllers strike is affecting hundreds of flights

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Today, April 7 2016, air traffic controllers in Greece entered a strike of 24 hours. Their action is against the tax reforms imposed by the IMF to the Greek state.

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As a result of this strike, the sky of Greece will be without flights for 24 hours, and tens of thousands of passengers will be affected. Hundreds of flights have already been canceled from / to destinations in Greece. Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air are the most affected, followed by Ryanair with 90 for canceled flights.

The Greek traffic controllers are severely affected by Blue Air flights, which were to be operated on the Larnaca - Athens and Larnaca - Thessaloniki routes. The flights were also affected TAROM (RO274 / RO273), Ryanair (FR6024 / FR6025) and Aegean Airlines (A3960 / A3961 - A3962 / A3963), which had to be operated on the route Bucharest - Athens - Bucharest. Flights were also canceled TAROM (RO276 / RO275) on the route Bucharest - Thessaloniki - Bucharest.

If you have flights from / to Greece, check the websites of Greek airlines or airports to find out about the availability of flights. According to information provided by the trade union ADEDY, the strike of traffic controllers in Greece will end at 21: 00.

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