"Happy or Not" - AIHCB passenger satisfaction measurement system

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Considering the extension and modernization of the range of services offered to passengers, Bucharest National Airports Company introduced the international system "Happy or Not”Measuring passenger satisfaction with the services provided by Henri Coanda Airport.

The first area on which passengers can express their satisfaction is public parking. Other areas to be monitored this year will include cleaning, check-in, retail, security, etc.

The system "Happy or Not"Applied at Henri Coandă Bucharest International Airport includes a number of 8 devices, which displays a question to which passengers can answer by pressing one of the four icon buttons (shown from" very happy "to" very unhappy ").

This system will monitor and measure, in real time, the level of passenger satisfaction both with regard to the quality of the services at the airport and with the employees who perform the respective services.

The “Happy or Not” system can also be found in other European airports, including: Heathrow - London, Lutton - London, Newcastle, Lyon, Tallinn.

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