HiSky presented the summer 2023 schedule: flights from Bucharest, Cluj, Iasi and Baia Mare!

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On the principle of the proverb, as householders make their winter and summer their sledge, HiSky announced the summer schedule 2023 to help those who want to book their plane tickets for the summer season of the following year. Flights and their schedule are included in the airline's operating system, and tickets can already be booked on www.hisky.aero .

HiSky races announced for summer 2023

  • Bucharest - Cluj, every day from monday to friday, at 07:50 and 19:20, and in each Sunday at 17:40
  • Bucharest – Timișoara, every day from monday to friday, at 07:00 and 18:30; and in each Sunday at 16:50
  • Bucharest – Tel Aviv, every day from monday to thursday, at 11:00 a.m. each tuesday, wednesday and thursday, at 19:00; and every day of Sunday at 11:00 and 21:25
  • Bucharest – Brussels, every day from monday, wednesday and friday, at 10:40;
  • Bucharest – Dublin, every day from Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, at 18:10;
  • Bucharest – Malaga, every day from thursday and sunday at 17:00;

  • Iași - Dublin, every day from Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, at 22:15;

  • Chisinau – Dublin, every day from monday, tuesday, friday and saturday, at 13:25;
  • Chisinau – Frankfurt, every day from Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at 07:00;
  • Chisinau – Bergamo, every day from monday, wednesday and friday, at 13:30;
  • Chisinau – Venice, every day from tuesday, thursday and saturday, at 15:30;
  • Chisinau – Paris, every day from Tuesday, at 11:00; and every Thursday and Sunday, at 07:30;
  • Chisinau – Tel Aviv, every day from Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, at 19:00;

  • Cluj – Tel Aviv, every day from thursday and sunday at 19:00;
  • Cluj – Dublin, every day from Wednesday and Friday, at 21.30 and every day from Sunday, at 18:00;

  • Baia Mare – Paris, every day from thursday and sunday at 13:10;

The HiSky airline appeared on the market 2 years ago, obtaining certification as a Romanian operator in December 2020, and as a Moldovan air operator in January 2021. HiSky currently offers the opportunity to fly to 14 European destinations, with departures from the Republic of Moldova and Romania. Now, becoming one of the airlines in the top preferences of Romanians on both banks of the Prut.

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