In August, Ryanair will operate flights to 60% of the planned network.

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Today, August 6, RYANAIR announced that it will operate flights to 60% of its operational network, which was planned before the pandemic. Following the resumption of flights on July 1, RYANAIR has made efforts to "resurrect" as many routes in the network as possible, but with fewer flights.

RYANAIR officials said at the start of operations in July that they were counting on the resumption of flights on several routes, in favor of the number of flights. In other words, RYANAIR does not want to abandon destinations and operational bases, always looking for opportunities for new routes.

Ryanair will operate flights to 60% of the network

In July, RYANAIR carried 4.4 million passengers. It seems like an impressive number, but the reality is completely different. The decrease is over 50% compared to the same period last year. In July, RYANAIR operated an average of 1000 daily flights.

By August, RYANAIR will operate more than 11 weekly flights on 000 routes.

RYANAIR urges passengers to observe safety and security measures for a safe flight. Wearing a mask is a mandatory rule on RYANAIR aircraft.

From / to Romania, RYANAIR flies to destinations in Italy, Great Britain, Greece, Spain, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Cyprus, Ireland.

Regarding fares, they start from 9.99 EURO / segment, including on some routes from / to Romania. As an example: Bucharest - Edinburgh in September; Bucharest - Vienna in September and Timisoara - Milan in September. Surprisingly, tariffs did not rise as expected. But it is true that the number of tickets at these prices is lower. Tickets can be purchased at RYANAIR website or from authorized partners.

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