It is not recommended to wear flip flops on the plane or airport!

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Since we are in the summer season, and many of us are traveling to vacation destinations, there may be a tendency to dress and wear beach-like clothes when we have to fly. However, aviation experts have mentioned that it is not recommended to wear flip flops on the plane or airport. Are you curious why it is not good to wear flip flops when flying, even though it can be a casual outfit?

We also made a short guide about how to dress when traveling by plane! What clothes to carry on the plane for a comfortable flight! We are glad to see that there are specialists who share our ideas.

According to aviation professionals, especially flight attendants, flip-flops are one of the worst types of footwear for air travel. Thus, aviation analyst Mary Schiavo explained the indignation of specialists about beach terns:

"Please put on comfortable shoes and wear them throughout the flight, especially during take-off and landing. I see people boarding flights wearing flip flops. Right now, I'm thinking about safety. If you have to run in flip flops, you will definitely fall or not be able to run. So you are harming yourself and the other passengers on the plane. So I recommend wearing something comfortable, but not flip flops. Flat-soled shoes are recommended, such as ballet flats, moccasins or sneakers. "

For similar safety reasons, passengers are advised not to remove their shoes when taking off or landing. So, aviation expert Christine Negroni previously said that the riskiest moment in a flight is the moment of landing. "I think it should be a general rule that during landing you should be in your seats and have your shoes on. If you have to leave the plane, the floor may be very hot or cold, covered in oil or even on fire. In emergency situations, we can be evacuated to various environments less friendly to our feet. Thus, in emergency situations that may suddenly arise, you will not want to go barefoot".

In conclusion, be careful what you wear or wear for your next plane flight. It's fine to dress casually, but keep in mind the safety and security of yourself and those around you.

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