Japan completely removes all COVID-19 restrictions for tourists

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Japanese authorities, which have long pursued a tough policy on Covid-19, have finally capitulated and are set to fully open their borders to tourism from October 2022 after more than two years of strict restrictions. In particular, the daily entry limit for new arrivals, which was increased to 50.000 in early September, will be removed. Experts have found that the permits currently available are ineffective.


For now, due to covid, tourists must obtain a mandatory visa and also prepare an approved route in advance through an accredited travel agency. Pre-flight testing for COVID-19 has also been waived only for tourists revaccinated with a recognized vaccine.

However, Prime Minister Kishida Fumio has said he plans to align Japan's COVID-19 restrictions with those of other G-7 countries. At a press conference, Kishida said, “Our fight against the virus is not easy, but we must not be afraid". At the same time, experts note that Japan is currently the only G-7 country that still has restrictions on arrival. 

However, the government is reluctant to name when the measures will be eased. So far, Kishida has said that border restrictions will be relaxed "as soon as possible". Most likely, from October 2022, Japan will remove all entry rules.

So far, there is an increase in tourists, but its magnitude is modest. In June, less than 300 foreign tourists entered Japan, in August 8.000 tourists visited the Land of the Rising Sun.

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