JetBlue supports Americans who want to leave the US

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The United States is preparing for new presidential elections, and the great battle will ensue Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney. Following the first debate, which took place in Denver, Colorado (west), the low-cost operator JetBlue announced an interesting and funny marketing campaign.

Starting with the idea that many Americans say "if my candidate doesn't win, I'll leave the country," the airline said it was interested in supporting 1006 of them with free tickets to the desired destinations.

Although JetBlue operates to 75 destinations, the promotion only targets 21 of them. However, Americans prefer Costa Rica, Turks & Caicos, St. Maarten, Cayman Islands and Bahamas. Some Americans will probably be disappointed because the neighboring country - Canada - is not on the list of destinations.

Those interested should access the official JetBlue operator page and to vote on the preferred candidate and to mention the chosen destination if he does not win the election. The next day, after the election, JetBlue will draw lucky 1006 who will have the opportunity to take their departure plan to the end.

To avoid any controversy and political discussion, JetBlue had the idea of ​​not mentioning the names of politicians or political parties and introduced two animals - the donkey and the elephant. 33 days before the election, the donkey leads 53% in polls compared to the elephant, which has only 47%. I leave it to you to deduce how the animals and the two candidates are associated.

And the winners can sit still, the tickets are back.

I am waiting for a similar initiative from the Romanian air operators! I think it will be very successful, especially since most Romanians are interested in "leaving the country" if the favorite does not come to power.

  1. Claudiu says

    Yes, but no return tickets to us :))

  2. Sorin says

    And even if they are back and forth… we can make them just go: D

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