KLM has withdrawn the latest Boeing 747-400 aircraft (Video).

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In the midst of the economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, large airlines are forced to reduce operations or even suspend them. Aircraft are detained on the ground indefinitely due to low flight frequency.

After Bristish Airways, Qantas, Delta, The AL, Lufthansa, United Airlines, it was KLM's turn to withdraw the last Boeing 747-400 aircraft from operational service.

The official withdrawal was scheduled for 2021, but the current situation has forced the company to act earlier. Over the past year, KLM has withdrawn most of its Boeing 747 aircraft. On October 25, the Dutch company KLM made the last two flights with Boeing 747-400 aircraft.

The first aircraft, registered PH-BFV, landed in Amsterdam at 16:40 local time. The second aircraft, registered PH-BFW, landed at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport at 20:50. Both operated flights on the route Shanghai - Amsterdam.

After about 50 years, the end of the Boeing 747 era was marked at KLM. Only 747 cargo planes will continue to be operated by KLM Cargo.

Thank you, Queen of the Skies!

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