KLM is taking steps to combat the spread of COVID-19

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Among the first industries deeply affected by the Covid-19 pandemic is aviation, a field with a vital role in the world economy. Thus, governments around the world are seeking to support airlines facing insolvency on the back of travel restrictions they have imposed. thousands of planes on the ground.

At the moment, KLM continues to operate only 10% of the regular number of flights. It also applies a number of exceptional safety and hygiene measures, in accordance with the instructions received from the World Health Organization, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment in the Netherlands (RIVM) and the Association of Dutch Regional Public Health Services (GGD).

Among the most important measures taken by KLM to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to operate in optimal conditions for passengers and employees alike are:

Ensuring a distance of 1,5 meters between passengers during the flight

Whenever possible, KLM will make every effort to keep the aircraft occupancy lower than normal so as to comply with the recommended distance of 1,5 meters between passengers.

Seats are pre-allocated so that there are free seats between passengers, in accordance with social distance protocols. In the case of repatriation flights, however, blocking free places is not always possible, as the priority is to reunite as many families as possible and bring home as many citizens stranded abroad during this difficult period.

Decreased interaction during on-board service

Another special measure taken for the safety of KLM passengers and employees is reflected in minimizing the interaction and direct contact between crew and passengers during on-board catering services. In this context, the service on board is adapted, the catering offer has been simplified, and the products will be served in special boxes.

Hygiene on board

During flights, the entire crew wears masks and protective gloves, and there are additional hygiene products on board, such as hand sanitizers. KLM aircraft are subjected to extensive cleaning and disinfection processes with the help of appropriate cleaning agents, the air on board the aircraft is drier and refreshed quickly with highly effective filters to remove potentially harmful particles and viruses.

In addition, the KLM crew's schedule has been adjusted so that they spend as little time as possible in the stops, they are provided with adequate protective equipment, and one of the toilets is intended exclusively for them during flights. 

Additional hygiene measures before and after boarding

Additional efforts during the pandemic are not only focused on safety and increased hygiene measures during flights, but also during the entire check-in, boarding, transfer or disembarkation process.

The recommended social distance is maintained as much as possible, the security measures to be observed by each individual are constantly reminded, the payment of a whole series of services by debit or credit card has been facilitated.

At the same time, adapted boarding processes have been set up in smaller groups and passenger screenings are being carried out on a number of flights.

Prevention and screening measures for passengers at the airport

The governments of several states have recently required airlines to perform health tests on all passengers before boarding. For flights departing from Amsterdam to Canada, Singapore and South Korea, passengers will go through this additional check. Check the temperature with remote reading thermometers. The control will be performed by KLM ground staff in collaboration with KLM Health Services and Schiphol Airport medical staff. 

Starting April 17, KLM will ask passengers departing from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport from high-risk destinations to complete a form with questions about their health and on which they can be denied boarding if the answers raise suspicions about to the safety of those around you.

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