Express line 784, on the route Unirii Square Bucharest - Otopeni Airport

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Since September 13 2018, RATB has rebranded itself in STB. The routes have not been modified, but they have undergone some changes of schedule. New routes also appeared. If until 2018 there were 2 express lines to Henri Coandă International Airport, here are 2019 such lines.

Below you have some information about the 784 express line, on the Unirii Square Bucharest - Otopeni Airport route. It is a new route, launched in the spring of this year.

Route Line 784 express

As can be seen, the 784 express line has a route similar to the 783 express line on the shower segment. There are 11 stations on the direction of Piata Unirii - Otopeni Airport and 13 stations on the direction of Otopeni Airport - Piata Unirii.

Upon return, the 784 express line runs along the common route with 783 to Victoriei Square. Then it descends to Calea Victoriei and has a station at Bd. Dacia, Piața Revoluții, Cișmigiu Garden, Mihail Kogălniceanu Square. It reaches Calea 13 September and ends at the Unirii Square II.

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Schedule 784 express line

Below you have the timetable express line 784, on the route Piata Unirii - Otopeni Airport - Piața. It circulates slightly less than the 783 line. There is no night line. A trip costs 3.5 lei, regardless of the hour.


You can buy trips from STB centers, which are found in most stations. At the airport, at the Arrivals station, you also have ticket machines, as well as a ticket office where you can request additional information.

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