List of airlines to be launched in 2022

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In 2020, the new coronavirus pandemic severely affected commercial aviation. After months of lockdowns, during which tens of thousands of planes remained on the ground, thousands of flights canceled and millions of passengers affected, several airlines went bankrupt. This crisis continued in 2021.

But this did not deter future visions of launching new airlines. In a crisis situation, various opportunities are generated that some will take full advantage of. Although aviation and tourism have been severely affected by the pandemic, new opportunities have arisen that travel agencies and those who lend a hand will benefit.

We remind you that in 2021, the company Alitalia went bankrupt, and from her ashes she was born ITA Airways. Other companies born in 2021: Avelo, Breeze, Flyr and PLAY. Let's not forget the operational transformations undertaken by Lufthansa Group, Emirates, Air France - KLM, but also many other airlines.

In 2021, airlines renegotiated the delivery of new models and the reservation of new delivery slots with aircraft manufacturers. Some airlines delayed delivery, others hastened the reception of new aircraft.

2022 promises to be a better year, relying on reducing the effects of the pandemic and relaxing the tourism and aviation sectors. There are plans to launch new airlines worldwide.

New airlines ready to launch in 2022

Air connect - a new airline in Romania. Air Connect is scheduled to begin flight operations in early summer 2022, at the end of March. Behind the company are important people in the field of commercial aviation, handling, maintenance and travel. The fleet will be based on the successful ATR 72-600 model. The company's ambitions are to become one of the most important turboprop operators in the region.

Hans Airways - a new British carrier with plans for flights between the UK and India. The carrier has stated that it intends to operate a fleet of A330-200 aircraft. The company has announced plans to recruit flight staff in 2022.

Flybe - the new company that was born in the bankruptcy of Flybe. It may sound strange, but after the bankruptcy of the British company, the brand was bought and revived. FlyBe will return to flying, using Birmingham Airport as its main base. Domestic flights and flights to destinations in various European countries will resume in the spring of 2022. Headquarters will be in the West Midlands. It has generated 600 jobs.

Norse Atlantic Airways - a new Norwegian carrier with great plans for low-cost transatlantic routes. He is trying to take advantage of the opportunities that have emerged from the withdrawal of Norwegian Air Shuttle from several routes.

Akasa Airlines - a new Indian air carrier, which has big plans after placing an order for 72 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. The ultra-low-cost carrier, backed by Indian billionaire Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, plans to start operations in mid-2022.

Greater Bay Airlines - is based in Hong Kong. It hoped to launch in the summer of 2021, but was delayed in obtaining the air operator's certificate and the necessary license approvals. The airline last offered an update on October 8, 2021, when it said it hoped to start flying "soon."

Airbahn - is a new American airline. He received his first aircraft in November, a 320-year-old Airbus A12 with registration N786PB. According to US media reports, the airline's first route will open on March 1, 2022 and will connect Ontario to Oakland, California (OAK). 

Northern Pacific Airways - a new airline that wants to specialize in long flights. It intends to connect destinations in the United States with Japan and South Korea by connecting flights through its base at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC). To this end, it intends to develop a fleet of Boeing 757-200 aircraft. He announced the purchase of the first six aircraft, saying that he selected this aircraft for economic reasons.

These are just some of the new airlines that are likely to start flying in 2022. Certainly the list can be updated and nothing is certain in these economically, socially and pandemic unstable times.

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