Lockdown in Mykonos: Greece has banned music in restaurants and bars. Travel to the island of Mykonos is discouraged!

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As of Saturday, July 17, Greek authorities have banned music in restaurants / bars, and travel to the island of Mykonos is discouraged. The island is known for its rich parties, being one of the most popular islands of Greece, attracts over one million tourists annually, including Hollywood celebrities, world-renowned athletes and global celebrities.

Following the outbreak of a local epidemic, the Ministry of Civil Defense stated that it bans music on the island, blocks night trips between 01:00 and 06:00, except for those who go to work or for health reasons. The restrictions will be in place until July 26, Kathimerini said in a statement.

Greece is dependent on tourism, which provides a fifth of the country's economy. After the disaster of 2020, Greece needs an excellent season this year, but at the same time to be in full safety and health protection.

The number of infections has risen in recent weeks, forcing the government to vaccinate health workers and nursing home staff. Greece has entered Romania's yellow list due to the increase in the epidemiological index. Authorities are forced to impose new restrictions at national level, including allowing access to bars, clubs and restaurants only to vaccinated customers.

"We urge the residents, visitors and professionals of our beautiful island to abide by the measures imposed by the authorities so that we can quickly control and limit the spread of the virus and bring life back to normal in Mykonos," he said.

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