The MFA issued false information on travel conditions in Greece. Greece tests RANDOMLY at the border not MANDATORY as MAE claims!

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On June 30, an MFA representative went public on a television station and announced that the Greek state had decided to change the criteria for entering the country. The information was also given through a press release. According to the statement, all those who were to travel by land to Greece from July 1 were to be tested at the border. This information turned out to be false. We do not know if it was a premeditated blunder or by mistake in translation, confusing randomly with mandatory. But after all the press took over the false information, the tourists from Romania became hysterical and were on the verge of canceling their holidays.

The information was denied even by the Greek authorities, noting that it is tested randomly, not mandatory. As has been the case for a very long time, the Greeks randomly test at the border, using antigen tests, those who choose to enter Greece. Following the completion of the mandatory form, the Greek system designates the persons to be tested. This happens mainly at the land border, but it is not excluded that it also happens in airports.

Returning to the MFA, the institution from which we, the citizens of Romania, should take our information for trips abroad, is not at the first deviation. In the past, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made translation mistakes or has not updated the travel criteria to certain countries in time. There have been other cases when he mismanaged the crisis situations and here we are example the case of Mexico.

We have always said that the reliable sources are the official ones, but sometimes it is good to check from several sources :). You never know which one is wrong.

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