Mahan Air will be banned in Germany from January 2019

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Due to pressure from the US government, Germany has decided to ban the airline Mahan Air, Iran, in Germany.

Currently, the Iranian air carrier flies 6 twice a week to Munich and Düsseldorf. The ban would be enforced from January 2019.

Year 2018 was an instant for Iran. Following sanctions imposed by the Trump administration, Iran has experienced severe economic and political instability.

Germany bans Mahan Air

Several airlines have canceled routes to Iran. At the same time, Mahan Air and Iran Air were forced to abandon numerous routes to Asia and Europe.

US officials have sent some troubling information to German counterparts about Mahan Air. This airline is alleged to have ties to the Revolutionary Guard Corps in Iran, a military entity on the US 2017 terrorist list.

In normal commercial operations, Mahan Air flies to 60 from destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. It owns a fleet consisting mainly of Airbus A300 and A340.

And it is one of the few airlines with Boeing 747-300 in commercial service. Unfortunately, the embargo imposed on Iran makes the fleet modernization process more difficult.

It remains to be seen whether other governments in Europe will ban Mahan Air operations. France, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Serbia, Cyprus, Italy and the United Kingdom currently have routes to / from Tehran. If everyone imposes a similar ban, Mahan Air risks bankruptcy.

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