Michael O'Leary, CEO RYANAIR: the cheap flights of 10 EURO have disappeared!

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Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary said in an interview with BBC Radio 4 that the period of 10 EURO fares for European flights is over. The increase in the price of kerosene will be reflected in the price of air tickets. Michael O'Leary was keen to point out that the average airfare for RYANAIR flights will increase from €40 to €50.

"Without a doubt, our very cheap promotional rates, rates from 1 EURO and even 10 EURO, will no longer exist in the coming years".

What Mr. Michael O'Leary says is not new. These forecasts were made as early as March 2022, with the start of the war in Ukraine and the first fluctuations in the price of a barrel of oil. Even though plane ticket prices have increased by 10%-15% and on some routes even more, people have continued to fly.

With the lifting of the restrictions of COVID-19, millions of people started to travel by air, there was a demand beyond the estimates of specialists, which led to jams at airports, endless queues at check-in desks. All this influx of passengers has resulted in canceled and delayed flights because there are no flight crews and airports to support this increase in passenger numbers.

Probably, the increase in the price of plane tickets will not lead to a decrease in the number of passengers, but perhaps to a better selection of the destinations they will fly to and the companies they will fly with. Not infrequently, I found cheaper tickets with full-service companies such as TAROM, Lufthansa, Air France or KLM compared to what I found with low-cost companies.

In the end, I add to what Michael O'Leary said and I want to point out that there will no longer be 1 EURO or 10 EURO tickets, but there will be 14.99 EURO / 20 EURO / 25 EURO tickets. Still the prices are acceptable and encouraging to travel by air.

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