Engine of ATR 72 FARNAIR stopped (video)

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Tonight, an aircraft ATR 72, what it belongs to from the Swiss freight company FARNAIR, landed at Otopeni Airport without an engine. During a verification race, one of the engines stopped, so the crew asked the control tower to allow it to return to the "Henri Coanda" Otopeni airport.


The aircraft was brought to the ground without any problems, even though the procedure requires alert crews to be alert. ATR-type aircraft are equipped with 2 turboprop engines with propellers. Even if an engine stops, these planes can also fly in one engine to the nearest airport. Because the traction power was developed only by an engine, the aircraft came to land in a lightweight balance, according to the procedures.

Air traffic was not disturbed because of this incident.

But the situation is more delicate. The ATR 72 FARNAIR aircraft had just come out of a general control that took place in the TAROM hangars in Bucharest. A commission checks and analyzes the incident!

  1. Claudiu says

    Yes, and in May an ATR 42-500 YR-ATA came from Satu Mare to Otopeni in a single engine, without hearing anything in the press. Something's wrong with them.

  2. Sorin says

    Claudiu, you can! The planes are made to plan :). The above idea was also due to the fact that the plane had just left the service! It was a routine and checking flight!

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