NASA and Boeing tested the new supersonic aircraft - following in the footsteps of Concorde

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In my opinion, Concorde was a plane launched earlier in the day. Impressive is the fact that in 1976 there was the technology that led to the emergence Concord, but it is strange that there is no longer any interest in high-speed aircraft. However, the idea of ​​a supersonic did not die. Boeing, Gulfstream and NASA join forces to build next passenger supersonic.

On the Concorde tracks

According to rumors, theories and ideas, NASA and Boeing got to work. They created a small-scale supersonic concept that they tested in a wind tunnel. Specialists from Glenn Research Center NASA researches the effects of air flow on the new structure and looks for a solution to reduce the volume of the sonic boom. If this is done, the new supersonic aircraft would also receive approval to fly on transcontinental flights.

But the biggest problem is related to costs, and there is still a lot of work to be done until a cost / performance efficient model is reached. NASA and Boeing are in no hurry and avoid making the same mistakes that BAC and Aerospace made 27 years ago.

Below is a thumbnail image of the prototype tested in the NASA tunnel. The idea of ​​making a supersonic aircraft dedicated to the business segment is preserved. The emphasis is on speed, reliability, but will carry a small number of passengers.

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