New York City - Newark Airport, the first air taxi route announced by Archer and United Airlines

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Archer and United announced the first air taxi route: Newark Liberty International Airport - Downtown Manhattan Heliport (New York). The flights will honor Archer's electric eVTOL aircraft. The duration of a flight will be approximately 10 minutes with the help of electric planes Meet Midnight from Archer. A similar journey by car can take more than an hour or much longer during rush hour.


Archer's proposed route from Manhattan to EWR marks the first specific route to be announced in the eVTOL industry. The United Center at EWR is ideally suited to serve Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs, as well as communities throughout New Jersey. It is estimated that the first flights will be operated from 2025.

"We are thrilled that Archer and United Airlines have chosen to launch their first route right here in our city of New York "said Eric Adams, Mayor of New York City. " We want New York to be a place of bold innovation and modern thinking, and I encourage other companies to follow suit."

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