[Air France - KLM Offer] Reduced prices by up to 40%

AIR FRANCE and KLM launch the campaign for autumn deals, reducing the price of air tickets by up to 40% over 50 destinations.

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The promotional campaign is valid until 21 September 2017 and applies to numerous intercontinental destinations, as well as European destinations.

You will find great prices for destinations in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe, but also in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean area.


Over 50 destinations with low prices up to 40%

On the North American continent, prices start from 467 euros for a return ticket to Miami, 482 euros for a return ticket to Toronto and 507 euros for a return ticket to New York.

Return flights to Africa start at 502 euros for Nairobi, 596 euros for Zanzibar and 614 euros for Johannesburg.

Tourists seeking vacations in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean can take advantage of KLM offers in Saint Martin from the 628 euro, Curacao from 733 euro and Bonaire from the 829 euro. Also on sale at Air France Punta Cana from 779 euros, round trip and taxes included.

For travelers wishing to arrive in Brazil, AIR FRANCE KLM has sold tickets starting from 622 euros per person, round trip, towards Sao Paulo, and 663 euros per person, round trip, for Rio de Janeiro, including a reduction between 15 and 30% compared to the normal ticket price.

Asia is an excellent destination for a first intercontinental trip, and the available prices also contribute to this conclusion.

787-9 KLM

410 EURO Asia

The Asian "stars" of this promotion are: Beijing from the 410 euro, Shanghai from the 418 euro, Hong Kong from the 462 euro, Bangkok from 520 euro and Singapore from the 608 euro.

And prices for European destinations have entered the water. You will be able to find tickets from 89 euro, round trip for Paris, the city that also hosts the Air France air hub.

Also, KLM is on promotion Amsterdam with prices from 109 euros, but also other European cities: Edinburgh from the 169 euro, Bergen and Stavanger from the 189 euro.

The trips can be made until 30 June 2018. Promotional prices include roundtrip flights and are available for both purchases on the online platforms www.airfrance.ro and www.klm.ro, as well as authorized travel and tour operators.

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