[Alitalia Offer] Business Class Airline Tickets from 299 EURO

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We like to travel as well and comfortably as possible. We want to have free and included services in the price of the plane ticket, but most of us (myself included) are looking for the cheapest flights. It is not wrong as long as we are aware of what we are getting at the price we paid.

Business Class flight tickets to Alitalia

We don't talk about business class flights and we do the wrong thing. I was surprised to see that Alitalia comes with a promotion for Business Class air tickets. Prices start at 299 EURO for flights to destinations in Europe and from 399 EURO for flights to various destinations in Italy.

Below is the list of destinations and promotional rates for Business Class.

Bucureşti Berlin 299 EURO
Bucureşti Munich 299 EURO
Bucureşti Brussels 299 EURO
Bucureşti Vienna 299 EURO
Bucureşti Rome 399 EURO
Bucureşti Milan 399 EURO
Bucureşti GenoVa 399 EURO
Bucureşti Naples 399 EURO
Bucureşti Venice 399 EURO

I did a flight simulation Bucharest - Berlin - Bucharest, and the promotion is validated.


Advantages of an Alitalia flight to Business Class:

- You have access to the Alitalia VIP Lounge and Skyteam;
- Priority access to the security checkpoint available at some airports;
- More legroom;
- Special catering service for Business Class;
- Earn more miles.

The promotion is valid until 1 January 2017. The journey must take place until June 30 2017. You can buy tickets up to 5 days before the flight. The minimum stay must include 3 days or a Saturday night at the destination. The promotion applies only to flights operated by Alitalia and AirBerlin.

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