Over 100 000 of passengers transported between Turin and Romania

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National Institute of Statistics of Romania published the traffic figures registered by the Romanian airports. According to these statistics, 112 passengers flew between Turin and destinations in Romania in the first 327 months of 9.

Turin - Romania

In period January 1 - September 30, 2016, there were 434 flights from Turin to Romania (56689 of passengers carried) and 432 of flights from Romania to Turin (55638 of passengers transported). FlyTorino estimates announces over 150 000 of passengers carried between Turin and destinations in Romania until the end of 2016. Please note that up to 2012 there were no direct flights from / to Turin and destinations in Romania.

The traffic from / to Turin is generated by the destinations Bucureşti, Bacau and Iaşi. Air carriers operate on these routes Wizz Air, Blue Air and TAROM. As of March 2017, Blue Air will inaugurate the Turin - Oradea route, a new destination in Romania. For passengers from Oradea, the timetable will allow them to continue their travel to other destinations operated by Blue Air from the base in Turin.

Also FlyTorino announces an increasing demand for Suceava, a destination in northeastern Romania, the gateway to Bucovina. Suceava airport can be proud of routes to Italy, but there is still no direct flight to Turin. Maybe in the near future.

In January 2017, prices for Bucharest - Turin - Bucharest start from 44 EURO! In February 2017, fares for Bucharest - Turin - Bucharest start from 44 EURO!

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