Participants in BIAS 2017 (civil and military guests)

There are 6 days until the gates of General Aviation Exhibition open and 7 days until the big aviation show of Romania - BIAS 2017. This is the 9 edition and announces to be spectacular in the light of the guests and of the civil and military aircraft present.

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Aviation enthusiasts, aviation and the aviation industry are expected in large numbers to BIAS NOTHING. This year, the aviation show is scheduled for July 22 2017 (23 July 2017 day would be in reserve).

As we have been accustomed to you year after year, Airlines Travel is a media partner at BIAS 2017 and will report from the spot. We will try to capture in the photos the most spectacular aerial acrobatics made by the event's guests.

However, this year the list of those present is not fully known. The organizers presented civil invitations, without being allowed to communicate the military part. But our sources gave us some interesting names.


List of those who will perform at BIAS 2017

Invite civilians: Romania Airfield, Acrobatic Games, Jurgis Kairys, Zoltan Veres, Flying Bulls, TAROM, TNT, SSAVC.

Zoltan Veres
PHOTO: Zoltan Veres

The surprise guest at BIAS 2017 is Zoltan Veres. A master of aerobatics comes to BIAS to delight our eyes and our souls! It has over 14 000 hours of flight collected in the sleeve of over 100 aircraft types.

It will NOT be missing Jurgis Kairys, the pilot who invented the "COBRA" scheme with a propeller plane. A pilot I wrote about in previous years. He will definitely do an air show. There is evidence that age has nothing to do with aviation and passion for flight.

Jurgis Kairys

TAROM will participate this year with a Boeing 737 aircraft (we hope with one of the Boeing 2-737). It will evolve alongside the F-800 aircraft of the Romanian Air Force.


The pilot will be experienced pilots: Adrian Preda - Deputy Commander Boeing 737 Detachment and Boeing 737 Instructional Pilot; Florin Susanu - Flight Operations Director and Boeing 737 test pilot,

Adrian has over 14.000 flight hours. Florin was a former military pilot with over 9.000 hours of flight experience. Being a colleague at the Aviation Academy with some pilots on the F-16 military aircraft, you must expect a special evolution!

Military guests
The Romanian Air Force comes with all the planes and helicopters: MiG-21 LanceR, F-16 Fighting Falcon, IAR 99 Soim, IAR 330 Naval Puma, IAR 330 Puma SOCAT, Alenia C-27J Spartan, Lockheed C-X .


At BIAS 2017 you will also participate as guests: Hungarian Air Force with JAS 39 Gripen; Polish Air Force with Mikoyan MiG-29 and F-16 Fighting Falcon; Turkish Air Force they come with F-16 Solo Turk; British Air Force come with Eurofighter Typhoon and many other spectacular performances.


A day full of air shows awaits us. We will come back with details and keep you updated with all the news communicated.

Prepare your photo / video equipment and see you at BIAS 2017. Read: 5 recommendations for photographing aircraft at AIRSHOW.

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