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The COVID-19 pandemic is still making its presence felt among us, and the authorities are imposing travel restrictions, but that does not stop us from dreaming of future trips and vacations. Because we are in the cold season, we dream of snow and winter sports. As free movement between countries is restricted by the application of anti-COVID measures, travel to Romania is safer.

We have a beautiful country, with an adequate and varied relief, which offers dreamy views. And yet, Romania it cannot be proud of millions of tourists as is the case with its southern or northern neighbors.

Romanian ski area

Maybe, with the development of services and the increase of quality, Romania will manage to attract more and more tourists. In the desire to promote winter sports, we have gathered for you all the existing ski resorts and slopes in Romania.

To my surprise, the ski area of ​​Romania has really developed very well. We have ski slopes in Romania on different degrees of difficulty, dedicated to children and adults.

Considerable progress is also being made at the level of resorts and accommodation services. We are not frost lovers, but we like to enjoy the snow, to warm up with a mulled wine on the slope with friends, to test our skills as skiers or skaters.

Why choose Austria, France or Bulgaria when you can ski very well on the slopes in Romania. There are slopes in Harghita, Covasna, Maramureș, Hunedoara, on Prahova Valley and in many other mountain resorts. It is true that the entire Romanian ski area is like an area in a resort in Austria, but as much as we would like, we cannot ski on all slopes simultaneously. The quality of the slopes and related services (accommodation, cable installations, infrastructure) matters.

Ski slopes in Romania

Arieșeni ski slopes
Azuga ski slopes
Baia-Sprie ski slopes
Bâlea ski slopes
Borșa ski slopes
Borsec ski slopes
Bran ski slopes
Poiana Brașov ski slopes
Bogdan ski slopes
Bucin ski slopes
Busteni ski slopes
Cârlibaba ski slopes
Cavnic ski slopes
Șumuleu-Ciuc ski slopes
Dângău Mic ski slopes
Durău ski slopes
Feleacu ski slopes
Ciumani ski slopes
Ghimeș ski slopes
Harghita-Băi ski slopes
Ski slopes Băile Homorod
Izvoare Maramureș ski slopes
Harghita Mădăraș ski slopes
Mărișel-Copcea ski slopes
Muntele Mic ski slopes
Păltiniș ski slopes
Petroșani ski slopes
Piatra Fântânele ski slopes
Piatra Neamț ski slopes
Piricske ski slopes
Predeal ski slopes
Rânca ski slopes
Sinaia ski slopes
Sovata ski slopes
Stâna de Vale ski slopes
Ski slopes Straja
Șugaș Băi ski slopes
Șureanu ski slopes
Toplița ski slopes
Băile Tușnad ski slopes
Văliug ski slopes
Vatra Dornei ski slopes
Vidra-Voineasa ski slopes
Vulcan ski slopes
Băișoara ski slopes

Mountain resorts in Romania

Arena Platos
Other. 1400 m
Parties: 2.6 km
Cable installations: 5
Other. 1000-1440 m
Parties: 3.9 km
Cable installations: 3
Other. 960-1540 m
Parties: 7.3 km
Cable installations: 5
Other. 760 m
Parties: 0.4 km
Cable installations: 1
Tusnad baths
Other. 650 m
Parties: 0.5 km
Cable installations: 1
Fairy tale
Other. 1400 m
Parties: 4.5 km
Cable installations: 3
Balea Lac
Other. 1234-2300 m
Parties: 0.0 km
Cable installations: 1
Other. 850-1550 m
Parties: 4.2 km
Cable installations: 4
Other. 850-930 m
Parties: 2.2 km
Cable installations: 1
Other. 880-1260 m
Parties: 2.4 km
Cable installations: 3
Other. 900-1280 m
Parties: 7.2 km
Cable installations: 5
The mouth of humor
Other. 470-760 m
Parties: 2.0 km
Cable installations: 2
Harghita Bai
Other. 1341-1671 m
Parties: 3.5 km
Cable installations: 5
Harghita Madaras
Other. 1500 m
Parties: 2.9 km
Cable installations: 5
Other. 916 m
Parties: 1.3 km
Cable installations: 3
The source of the Mures
Other. 891 m
Parties: 0.6 km
Cable installations: 1
Other. 915-1240 m
Parties: 4.4 km
Cable installations: 3
Miercurea Ciuc
Other. 800-950 m
Parties: 1.5 km
Cable installations: 2
Other. 720-1235 m
Parties: 2.2 km
Cable installations: 2
Little Mountain
Other. 1525 m
Parties: 10.7 km
Cable installations: 6
Other. 1400-1667 m
Parties: 1.6 km
Cable installations: 1
Other. 1300-1700 m
Parties: 6.4 km
Cable installations: 8
Piatra Neamt
Other. 345 - 680 m
Parties: 1.0 km
Cable installations: 2
Poiana Brasov
Other. 945-1765 m
Parties: 22.4 km
Cable installations: 10
Praid (Pasin Bucin)
Other. 1100 - 1360 m
Parties: 2.5 km
Cable installations: 3
Other. 1040-1445 m
Parties: 8.0 km
Cable installations: 4
Other. 1580 - 1700 m
Parties: 3.0 km
Cable installations: 6
Other. 1410 m
Parties: 10.9 km
Cable installations: 5
Other. 860-2000 m
Parties: 17.8 km
Cable installations: 8
Other. 475-530 m
Parties: 1.4 km
Cable installations: 3
stana de vale
Other. 1102 m
Parties: 0.6 km
Cable installations: 1
Other. 1445 m
Parties: 12.6 km
Cable installations: 13
Other. 670-970 m
Parties: 3.7 km
Cable installations: 2
Other. 1650-2010 m
Parties: 10.5 km
Cable installations: 3
Other. 680 m
Parties: 1.7 km
Cable installations: 2
Transalpine (Glass)
Other. 1300-2000 m
Parties: 6.1 km
Cable installations: 4
Fire Dorney
Other. 800 m
Parties: 5.3 km
Cable installations: 5
Other. 1440-1186 m
Parties: 3 km
Cable installations: 1

Interactive map with ski resorts in Romania

The longest 20 slopes in Romania

The ski area in Romania consists of 189 approved slopes, which total 164 kilometers. Of these, only 55 slopes are over 1000 meters long, 2 slopes are over 3000 meters long and only one is over 4000 meters long, according to data from the Ministry of Tourism.

The longest 20 ski slopes in Romania have a total length of 46 kilometers together, according to ZF calculations. It enters the top of the longest slopes The Red Road (4,7 miles), Sulinar (Poiana Brasov), Black Hill (Vatra Dornei), Summer Road (Sinai), the Wolf's slope (Poiana Brasov), Carp (Sinai), Telegondola slope (Voineasa), rooster (Predominantly), Under the cable car (Poiana Brasov) and Mogosa from Maramureş county.

The resort with the largest ski area in the country remains Poiana Brasov, which has over 22 kilometers of slopes and 10 cable installations.

Did you ski in Romania? What do you prefer mountain resorts?

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