The suspension bridge from Brăila will receive the last deck on June 28!

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Suspension bridge from Brăila, which is built by the Japanese-Italian Association IHI-WEBUILD (initially IHI-Astaldi), is fast approaching completion. The Japanese company took care of the design of the suspension bridge and the aerodynamic tunnel testing of the bridge model.

In the construction phase, the Japanese from IHI are in charge of installing the metal elements of the bridge:

  • ➡️Main steel cables,
  • ➡️Steel cables supporting the metal deck,
  • ➡️Metal deck segments.

At this moment, almost all the 86 segments of the metal deck are raised in position, the last segment being scheduled for installation on June 28, 2022.

Each segment of the metal deck has an average weight of 250 tons. The metal deck segments were made at the Brăila shipyard. At the beginning of July, the welding operation of the segments at the final position will begin.

The Italian company WEBUILD (originally Astaldi) is in charge of the construction of the access roads to this bridge. Their physical condition is close to 35%. According to WEBUILD representatives, only the access roads will be built entirely by the end of this year (2022), so that the traffic on the bridge can be opened.

"Work is intensively on the embankments related to the access roads on all fronts, both on the bank from Tulcea and on the one from Brăila, starting from the passage over the railway km 0 + 389, roundabouts, maintenance and coordination center, toll station, connecting road and main road. Given the builder's promise to complete the work by December this year, we are making every effort to support him in meeting his commitment.”Also noted Irinel Scrioșteanu, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Transport, quoted by

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