Portugal opens its borders for vaccinated British tourists on May 17

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Portugal joins countries announcing the opening of the 2021 tourist season. Portuguese officials have announced that Portugal will open its borders to vaccinated British tourists or on the basis of a negative COVID-19 test.

"British tourists will be able to present to the Portuguese authorities a certificate proving that they are vaccinated against the virus, that they have immunity or that they have a negative test", Explained today the Secretary of State for Tourism of Portugal, Rita Marques.

Indeed, Madeira has already launched a "green corridor" for tourists vaccinated against COVID. For its part, Cyprus has already announced that it will reopen from 1 May without requiring PCR or isolation only for those who received the two doses of vaccines, while Turkey will reopen for British tourism without requiring a certificate of vaccination.

Rita Marques' announcement regarding British tourists who will be able to enter Portugal on the basis of the vaccination certificate, comes a day after the European Commission presented the long-awaited proposal for European vaccination passport.

"British tourists must enter Europe. It does not make sense to think of this solution only for Europe. Travel must be allowed on a global scale and for everyone", Argued Rita Marques.

Taking into account the statements made by the Secretary of State for Tourism in Portugal, Rita Marques, we conclude that any European tourist could travel to Portugal under the announced new measures, ie by presenting the digital green certificate - vaccinated, antibodies obtained from the disease or negative test of Covid-19.

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