Red Bull Order Smaranda 2012 - skydiving in the city

Red Bull Order Smaranda 2012 - skydiving in the city (photo)

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Yesterday I participated in an extraordinary skydiving event. The Romanian Air Club organized the 3 edition of the fixed landing landing competition dedicated to Smaranda Braescu in Bucharest - Red Bull Order Smaranda 2012, the first woman parachutist and the first woman pilot from Romania, national and world record when descending with the parachute.

The best 7 paratroopers outnumbered skydivers - fixed landing. In addition, we could admire the mastery demonstrations of the overlapping skydiving band - The National Relative Work Team on the Dome, the evolution of the world champion in parachuting - landing at a fixed point, Alexandru Nicolau, as well as a demonstration of landing at a fixed point of the coaches of the Romanian Air Club.

But as the pictures make as many as 1000 words, I leave you to admire the photo gallery below!

More photos on facebook Airlines Travel account!

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