Romanians choose exotic destinations for winter holidays

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According to a survey by Wizz Tours on Facebook, 72% of Romanians, who spend their winter holidays abroad, prefers exotic destinations, at the beach, to the detriment of ski destinations.

Other tourists from Central and Eastern Europe, such as Poles or Hungarians, have the same preferences for resorts in warm areas instead of slopes and snow.

Exotic destinations for winter holidays

For the cold season, Wizz Tours offers Romanians various exotic destinations as well Tenerife, Cipru, Dubai, Malta or Larnaca, the last three being available now from Cluj-Napoca.

87% of the Romanians interviewed said they prefer to travel abroad this winter, and 84% of respondents mentioned that they choose to travel by plane to the desired destinations, as do the Poles and Hungarians.

72% of Romanians choose a new destination

Most survey participants also mentioned that they would choose a new holiday destination: 89% of Poles are looking for new, interesting places, while 72% of Romanians will be traveling to a different city than their previous options. This fact shows that people enjoy the multitude of destinations offered by Wizz Tours.

Istvan Csanalosi, CEO of Wizz Tours, says: “To a large extent, I think it is normal for people to choose holidays abroad, because we have so many affordable options at Wizz Tours. The plane greatly facilitated travel to any city of interest on the continent and beyond. We also found that 56% of Romanians booked their flight and package accommodation, which means that Wizz Tours fits them perfectly. ”

Romanians and Poles have chosen to travel as a couple, 40% of respondents in our country, respectively 46% of those in Poland say they prefer to go on holidays with one person. At the same time, Hungarians enjoy the company of friends, 70% of them said they would travel with 2 or 3 people.

When it comes to families with children, Romanians prefer the little ones to accompany them on holidays. And the Poles have the same option regarding children, but more than half of the Hungarian survey participants, who have children, say they will go on holiday without them.

The survey was conducted in December this year and 2045 Romanians over 18 years answered Wizz Tours questions.

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