Romanians, thinking about summer: Good for Early Booking

20% higher sales for early booking holidays in 2017!

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A study Paravion presents some statistics about the Romanians' preferences regarding the summer holidays. More and more Romanians are taking advantage of the early booking period and buying early their summer vacation packages.

The number of early booking vacations sold in January increased by about 20%, compared to the same period last year. Among the favorite destinations of the Romanians, there are still the Greek islands, but also Sardinia.

Good for Early Booking

The early pace of purchasing early booking packages will be maintained at least until the end of April, as Romanian tourists are increasingly inclined towards early planning of stays. The discounts are more consistent in the first months of early booking, gradually decreasing as the date on which reservations are placed approaches the travel dates.

Greece remains top of the list!

Of all the early booking packages available in the agency's portfolio earlier this year, Greece remains at the top of the destinations with the best prices, with Romanian tourists opting for the islands. Lefkada, Skiathos, Rhodos or Kos. Also, a new favorite destination for Romanians is Sardinia, Italy, thanks to the extremely attractive offers.

For a stay in Zakynthos Romanians paid 373 euros per person, the price including return ticket, accommodation with breakfast for seven nights, at 3 hotels *.

Among the preferences of Romanians this year are the destinations that offer them exclusive services, such as Santorini, Sardinia and Gran Canaria, they choosing to stay in luxury hotels and resorts. Thus, the number of exclusive holiday packages sold in January increased by 20% compared to the same period last year.

The Romanian tourists who chose to spend their holidays in Sardinia paid, on average, 800 euros per person, the fare that includes the round-trip airfare, accommodation for seven nights at the 4 * hotel, with breakfast included.

Most early booking packages booked by Romanian tourists, in January, were for the peak months of the season, respectively July and August.

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