Russia wants its own space station by 2025

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Russia has announced plans to build its own space station by 2025. "The first basic module for the new orbital station is already under construction," said Dmitry Rogozin, head of the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos. According to him, this Russian space station could be put into orbit in 2025.

Therefore, this announcement confirms the Russian government's plan to purchase its own space station. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Borissov suggested that his country could abandon the International Space Station (ISS). Moscow considers that the ISS is in the process of "aging", saying that it fears an avalanche of failures, according to the Flight Director of the Russian segment of the international station. For his part, Borissov even mentioned a "disaster" that would follow. "We can't endanger the lives of cosmonauts", he said.

Space cooperation between Russia and the United States is also deteriorating amid international tensions.

The operation of the ISS is one of the last areas of cooperation between Russia and the United States, which has experienced a period of heightened tensions since 2014. Russia has announced a number of ambitious projects in space in recent years. Space cooperation with the United States is also deteriorating amid international tensions. Russia has abandoned a project on the moon with NASA to try to develop another project with China.

Indeed, Moscow and Beijing announced in March that they plan to build a station "on the surface or in orbit" of the month. The two sides assure that their project, whose timetable has not yet been specified, will be open to "all interested countries and international partners".

The United States has recently noticed in the space sector, along with the landing on Mars of the NASA robot, the Perseverance rover, on March 20. The small Ingenuity Mars helicopter was also sent to the Red Planet along with the Perseverance rover where it made its first motorized flight to another planet. Its flight wanted to demonstrate the possibility of flying in the rare atmosphere of the planet.

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