The Russians are waiting for the restrictions to be lifted in order to travel to Europe

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Between March 16-18, 2021, the Moscow International Travel & Tourism Exhibition took place (Mid 2021). We remind you that the 2020 edition was suspended just a few hours after its debut due to the coronavirus. For Moscow, it is the first tourism fair organized since the pandemic began in March last year.

However, travel restrictions imposed by Russia, but also by other European and global states, have made it impossible for many international delegations to participate.

We must remember that, since March 2020, tourist travel between Russia and the European Union is blocked due to restrictions imposed by both Moscow and Brussels.

At the moment, Russians cannot obtain a tourist visa to travel to the European Union because the Russian borders were closed in March 2020, and the EU / Schengen closed the borders for Russian tourists on March 23, 2020.

But 2021 promises to be a bit more optimistic about tourist travel between Russia and European Union countries. The fair was attended by European delegations from Bulgaria, Albania, Slovenia, Montenegro, Spain, Portugal, Germany and even Greece. There were also some exotic presences such as Cuba, Maldives, Thailand.

However, the most imposing presence was that of Turkey. Russians do not need a visa to travel to Turkey, but only a negative COVID-19 PCR test. This freedom to travel between the two states will certainly influence the choices of Russian tourists. In fact, Turkey is already the number one destination in Russia and that's what the numbers say. In 2, about 2019 million Russian tourists traveled to Turkey.

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