The Carpatair Flight Training Accompanying School has opened

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For those wishing to enter the civil aviation industry, Carpatair has opened the Carpatair Flight Training Accompanying School. Basic conditions: the minimum age is 18 years, bachelor's degree, English proficiency - medium level, Medical Class II certificate - for Board Caregivers.

It is not easy to get a "flight attendant" license. The duration of the course is estimated at approximately 4 months, during which time over 260 hours of theory are taught, 49 hours of qualification course on Saab 2000 or Fokker 70/100 aircraft within the Carpatair Air Operator, minimum 20 flight hours for familiarization with aircraft. mentioned above.

The total cost of the entire training, including obtaining the companion license, is 3.500 EUR. For more details visit the official Carpatair website.

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