Wizz Air Priority Boarding Service and the new facility

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In May, I flew for the first time with Wizz Air. I was passenger on the Bucharest - Nuremberg route and return. I had included the priority boarding service, but I did not use it. When the queue at the boarding school forms an hour before boarding the plane, and over 100 people are standing (without realizing why), it seems like you can't really get in front. Anyway, I had the seats allocated on the ticket, so I preferred to stay in line with the other passengers.

But Wizz Air comes with a feature for Priority Boarding and introducing the option to bring a small personal luggage on board *. Beginning July 30, passengers traveling and using Priority Boarding, purchased individually or as part of the Plus Fare or WIZZ Privilege Pass option, will be able to take small personal luggage in addition to small or large cabin luggage * *. Maybe for this feature it is worth giving 3 extra for Priority Boarding.

Priority Boarding, which allows passengers to board as a priority, can be added to the Basic fare with only 3 Euro per place, per flight, online purchase or 4 euro when purchasing from the airport.

The Plus Fare option, which includes Priority Boarding, was launched in May 2015 to meet the additional need for passenger comfort and includes travel fare, change of seat allocation, including premium seats, airport check-in, WIZZ Flex for flight modification, a large cabin luggage and hold luggage.

WIZZ Privilege Pass was launched in January 2014 as an annual program for frequent travelers. For an annual fee of 99 euros, program members can benefit from the change of seat, including premium seats, priority on boarding and large cabin baggage on any flight.

* A personal baggage refers to a handbag, camera bag or luggage the size of a laptop, which does not exceed the maximum dimensions of 40x30x18 cm. The option also includes the Priority Boarding service purchased through the closed services WIZZ XXL Seats, WIZZ Reserved Seats, WIZZ Premium and WIZZ Premium Plus.

** A small cabin baggage of 42x32x25 cm or smaller can be taken on board for free. If the cabin baggage is larger than the small cabin baggage, but not larger than 56x45x25 cm, it may be taken on board for a fee. No weight restrictions apply but passengers must be able to place it unassisted in the luggage compartment above the seats.

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