SEX on the plane? 5% of those interviewed had sex at the height

Mile High Club (MHC) was the subject of a survey that found that 78% of the passengers interviewed would have sex on the plane, 5% claim they have already done so.

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Saucy Dates presented the results of the survey interviewing 11 179 passengers, especially Americans and British. The subject of the survey was "sex on the plane".

78% of respondents said they would like to have sex at the height, while 17% are interested in listening to music on the plane. 5% said they already had sex on the plane.

SEX on the plane

Of those who had sex on the plane, 37% did it with his partner, 30% did it with a stranger, 18% with a crew member and 15% with a friend. Of these, 18% were caught :). 68% of sexual acts were performed on a night flight.

Toilets were preferred by 59% of those who had sex on the plane, 31% chose the seat, 1% in the cockpit. The average duration of sexual intercourse was 10 minutes, with only 5% declaring that sex lasted for 30 minutes.

Mile-High-Club Saucy-Dates

Finally, Saucy Dates said that the favorite plane of the Mile High Club was the Boeing 747. Although A380 is larger and more spacious, it is apparently not used by US airlines.

Do we have Mile High Club members among us? 🙂

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