Top 10 best airports in the world - World Airport Awards

Skytrax - top 10 best airports in the world - World Airport Awards

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Within the event Passenger Terminal EXPO 2012, Skytrax has announced the awards World Airport Awards. For the second year in a row Incheon International Seoul is the best airport in the world. And the International Airport Council (ACI) has named it the best airport in the world, in the Trinity Forum 2012 event.

When two organizations say the same thing, it means we should have no doubts. We also see the airport as a tourist destination, and Incheon International is in the top 10 airports preferred by Monica.

Below you have the top 10 best airports in the world.

World's Best Airports in 2012

1 Incheon International Airport
2 Singapore Changi Airport
3 Hong Kong International Airport
4 Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
5 Beijing Capital International Airport
6 Munich Airport
7 Zurich Airport
8 Kuala Lumpur International Airport
9 Vancouver International Airport
10 Central Japan International Airport

Top 10 airports in central Europe

Best Airports in Central Europe
NEVER Munich Airport
NEVER Zurich Airport
NEVER Frankfurt Main Airport
NEVER Hamburg Airport
NEVER Dusseldorf International Airport
NEVER Vienna International Airport
NOTHING Cologne / Bonn Airport
NEVER Prague Airport
NEVER Berlin Tegel Airport
NEVER Geneva Airport

Top 4 best airports in Eastern Europe

Best Airports in Eastern Europe
NEVER Moscow Domodedovo Airport
NEVER Budapest International Airport
NEVER Sheremetyevo International Airport
NOW Astana International Airport

Top 10 best airports in southern Europe

Best Airports in Southern Europe
NEVER Barcelona International Airport
NEVER Athens International Airport
NOTHING Madrid Barajas Airport
4 Porto Airport
NEVER Istanbul Ataturk Airport
NEVER Malta International Airport
NEVER Lisbon International Airport
8 Nice Cote d'Azur Airport
9 Palma de Mallorca Airport
NEVER Marseille Provence Airport

Top 10 best airports in western Europe

Best Airports in Western Europe
NEVER Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
NEVER London Heathrow Airport
NEVER London City Airport
NEVER London Stansted Airport
NEVER London Gatwick Airport
NEVER Manchester Airport
NEVER Brussels Airport
NOTHING Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport
NEVER Birmingham Airport
NEVER Dublin Airport

The best airports in northern Europe

is Airports in Northern Europe
NOTHING Copenhagen Airport
DO NOT Helsinki Vantaa Airport
NOT Oslo Airport
NEVER Billund Airport
NEVER Stockholm Arlanda Airport
NOT Keflavik International Airport
NEVER Gothenburg Airport

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