TAROM special flights on the route Bucharest - London, in July

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Today, 22 June 2020, INSP Romania updated the list of green countries, which are an exception to quarantine / isolation. Unfortunately, The United Kingdom is not on this list. And this means mandatory isolation at home for 14 days for all those returning from the UK to Romania.

And, in addition to isolation, frequent flights between the UK and Romania remain suspended until further updates to the law. When flights to England can be resumed? When the rule of 5 new cases / 1 million inhabitants will be respected and thus the UK will enter the green list. Until then, take advantage of the On Demand / Special flights operated by Blue Air and TAROM.

In Great Britain there is one of the largest Romanian communities in the world. And the demand for flights is high. At their request, TAROm introduced the following flights Bucharest - LONDON, on JULY 5, 9 and 12.

  • Bucharest - London, rate 267 €, all taxes included, as well as 10 kg hand luggage and 23 kg hold baggage;
  • London - Bucharest, tariff 286 €, all taxes included, as well as 10 kg hand luggage and 23 kg hold baggage.

The flights will be operated under special conditions, under the incidence of GD 29/13 June 2020, annex 3, art. 4. and for these reasons, passengers to be accepted must fall into the following categories:

  • From Romania to London are accepted only British citizens.

As of June 8, The United Kingdom introduces mandatory quarantine for all who will enter its territory.

Also, before making the flight, please observe the special travel conditions you find. on the TAROM website.

Tickets can be purchased on our website, www.tarom.ro, through the mobile application and from any TAROM agency! Check-in is free, online or at the airport.

Spor booked it!

  1. Kosta says

    One you say in the title and another you say in the text.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      I don't think you see well :)). Read them carefully and you can understand what a special flight means and when they will be.

  2. Iusco says

    I have a question . With the special Tarom flight, I saw that to travel you must be a British citizen. If my husband resides in England, can I and the girl go on this flight?

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