The STB 783 line becomes 100, from December 2, 2023!

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In the context of the implementation of new measures to optimize the public transport network, starting from Saturday, 02.12.2023, line 783 will become line 100.

With the unchanged route and improved succession intervals (of 15 minutes during the day schedule and 30 minutes during the night), line 100 will provide a much faster transport link between the center of the Capital and the Henri Coandă International Airport.

On the way to "Piața Unirii", line 100 buses will make stops at the following stations: "Henri Coandă Airport (Departures)", "Otopeni City Hall", "Băneasa Airport", "Press Square", "Victoriei Square", "Roman Square", "21 Decembrie 1989 Square" , "Piața Unirii 1" and "Piața Unirii 2".

Pit's the direction to the airport, in the stations: "Piața Unirii 4", "Universitate", "Piața Romană", "Piața Victoriei", "Piața Pressei", "Băneasa Airport", "Otopeni City Hall", "Henri Coandă Airport (Departures)" and "Airport Henri Coandă (Arrivals)".

To accommodate passengers with this change, buses will run for a period with both callsigns visible (with the new callsign 100 flashed on the front electronic display and the old, 783, temporarily displayed on the windshield).

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