TAP Portugal will promote Portuguese wines

TAP Portugal will promote Portuguese wines

Until August 11, large and small Portuguese wine producers can apply for a TAP Portugal open tender. The Portuguese carrier wants to buy 2.5 million bottles of wine of choice.

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TAP Portugal wants to become a promoter of Portuguese wines. It has launched an open tender through which it wants to purchase 2.5 million bottles of wine chosen in the next 2 years.

“TAP Wine Experience” is the name of the initiative launched by TAP. In an attempt to diversify its wine list, the Portuguese carrier is looking for red, white, rose and sparkling wines.


Portuguese wines in TAP Portugal aircraft

Crew members will be specially trained in this area, especially in knowing the wines and serving them to the best of their passengers. Also, TAP passengers will be able to benefit from a unique service, both in terms of wine information and tasting.

In addition to providing an in-flight service, "TAP Wine Experience" is trying to create more communication channels to spread the word about Portuguese wines as much as possible.

There is even a planned wine tour. TAP will invite wine specialists and journalists from several countries to meet with Portuguese wine producers. The company will also organize international events to attract new customers, focusing on markets in Brazil and North America.

When I fly with a full-service carrier, most of them being national companies, I expect to enjoy traditional culinary experiences specific to the respective countries. Some airlines have taken steps in this direction, one being TAP Portugal, others probably still not "caught" on the move.

Since the new development strategy, TAP Portugal has been focusing a lot on passenger services. At the same time, it seeks to promote Portuguese products. It is taking its role as national air carrier seriously and is seeking to highlight Portugal's AII.

Congratulations on the initiative, TAP Portugal!

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