TAROM appeals to the Air Code for the incident that happened on flight RO 374, from the direction of Brussels!

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TAROM appeals to the Air Code of Romania, which classifies as a criminal act the incident caused by the passenger on the TAROM RO 374 Brussels-Otopeni flight.

After passing the security control at the Brussels airport, the passenger had verbally aggressive behavior and an inappropriate attitude, a situation that attracted the final warning (Final Warning) from the TAROM flight crew, according to the flight procedures.

Moreover, for the safety of the passengers, the commander, together with the crew, also considered landing at airports close to the flight route, other than the destination one.

This option was abandoned as there were periods of behavioral stability and calm shown by the passenger after receiving the warnings. After landing, the passenger's attitude escalated, at which point the crew requested support from both the TAROM security team and the Border Police.

With the arrival of the Police representatives, the passenger resorted to an extreme gesture of self-mutilation, retreating to the Business class passenger cabin. For the protection of the passengers, it was ensured that they were disembarked through the rear door of the aircraft and the incident site was isolated, in order to make room, including the medical team, in order to provide specialized assistance to the passenger, who is now admitted to the hospital for recovery.

Throughout the flight, as well as at the moment of landing and disembarkation, the priority of the TAROM team was the safety of the passengers.

At this moment, the National Air Transport Company TAROM SA is evaluating the initiation of a court action against the passenger, to discourage these manifestations, but also to recover the damages. According to the Air Code of Romania, the passenger's actions fall under criminal acts, which are punishable by imprisonment.

"We hope that the relevant authorities have also notified themselves and that the necessary measures will be applied so that the passengers or staff of any transport operator, regardless of type, are no longer exposed to such situations", declares the general director of TAROM, Costin Iordache.

We remind you that a passenger, who flew with TAROM from Brussels to Bucharest, became recalcitrant during the flight and pulled out a blade, and then cut his veins. The man was known to have mental illnesses since 2010. He was hospitalized several times in psychiatry and had multiple suicide attempts.

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