TAROM improves on-board menus from July 1 2013

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TAROM, the airline of Romania, offered very good catering services until the beginning of this year. Some industry voices say that the menu is no longer as it used to be. The reality is that most European companies have cut from the on-board menus and thus managed to save the most important sums of money easily.

But since July 1 2013, TAROM will bring more quality services by improving the menus offered on board its aircraft. The TAROM menus are prepared in accordance with the highest quality standards, taking into account both the destination and the time spent on board, passengers enjoying a selection of dishes served alongside a variety of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.

Economy class passengers on TAROM domestic flights, will benefit, depending on the time and destination, from the new Deli bag concept with sandwich and dessert. On domestic flights, departing in the early hours of the morning from domestic stops to Bucharest, breakfast menus will be offered - fine and varied pastries, as well as fruits entrusted to the Business class. These routes are: Timisoara - Bucharest, Iasi - Bucharest, Baia Mare - Bucharest, Oradea - Bucharest, Suceava - Bucharest, Sibiu - Bucharest, Cluj - Bucharest.

Catering services will also be improved external courses in Business class, thus the beef-based menus have been replaced with those based on salmon, a fish rich in omega 3, vitamins, proteins and minerals. The main menu is based on salmon, turkey or chicken with different toppings of vegetables, rice or pasta. To this is added a variety of salads and cheeses, carefully selected to provide the table with consistency, nutritional value and high energy. The desserts from the Business Class menu are varied and can consist of fruit tart, check, mousse or cheese cake.

In Economy class, on courses longer than two hours, the menus are based on chicken breasts, combined with vegetables, baked potatoes, rice, etc., and as a dessert, the platter contains a muffin, chocolate or fruit.

For the Economy class, on foreign courses, with the flight duration up to two hours introduces the concept Deli bag with sandwich and dessert. Another novelty is the introduction of dry wine for the passengers of the Economy class, who can opt for a glass of dry or semi-dry wine.

TAROM reminds its passengers that they offer special menus on request, which can be ordered by them, when they make reservations on TAROM flights. You can opt for: vegetarian menu, lacto-vegetarian menu, raw vegetarian menu (which includes fresh vegetables), menu consisting only of fruits, fasting menu, salt-free menu and a menu that meets the dietary requirements of people with diabetes. Menus for infants and menus for children can be ordered.

The catering services offered also include the option for menus specific to geographical and cultural areas, such as Hindu, Muslim or Cousin menu.

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