TAROM records a decrease in spending by approximately 3 million EURO

The General Manager of TAROM Company, Wolff Werner-Wilhelm, requested, between November 20 - December 29 December 2017, to conduct an internal analysis on the economic-financial impact of TAROM Company's expenses.

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Thus, the reevaluation of the expenses was arranged, which generated in an initial stage the optimization of the logistical activities of TAROM, as well as the efficiency of the IT operations for the service of the passengers. In this context, a decrease in TAROM spending was made by approximately 12 700 000 RON / year (approximately 3 million EURO).

TAROM records a decrease in expenses

The measures taken by Wolff Werner-Wilhelm represent a first step in recovering the activity of the National Air Transport Company of Romania and its strategic repositioning in the international aviation industry.

That sounds like a statement released today. But on 2017, TAROM estimates losses amounting to 206,79 million lei, according to the draft budget. The fact that 12,7 millions of lei will be saved is a good thing, but little compared to the losses.

And for the first time did I hear the phrase "a first step in the recovery of the activity of the National Air Transport Company of Romania"? TAROM must exist and fly, that's clear. But those in management have to do much more to recover the National Air Transport Company of Romania, which has no longer registered profit through 2007.

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