The 10 most beautiful beaches in Romania

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Romania may not be the first country to appear in the minds of tourists when thinking of a beach vacation, but they may be surprised to learn that this historic and beautiful country has several beaches and resorts that deserve to be seen and admired. Most likely, foreign tourists who choose to visit Romania have heard about Transylvania, with its forests and waterfalls, with its unique castles in the world and the legends of bloodthirsty vampires, or the culture and history of Bucharest.

The most beautiful beaches on the Romanian coast.

However, the southeastern part of the country is bathed by the idyllic waters of the Black Sea, becoming a fantastic summer destination. Most people tend to venture into Bulgaria when looking for a holiday destination in this part of Europe, but why not opt ​​for something a little different and explore resorts in Romania and its beaches?

Vadu Beach

Vadu Beach

If you like wild beaches, undeveloped and as natural as possible, then Vadu Beach is the perfect beach. White sands, water so blue that it will leave you fascinated and, hopefully, a clear sky. The beach is supported by beautiful vegetation, and there are even poppy fields nearby. It's a place extremely instagramable, with a contrast of colors that you will find hard to find anywhere else.

This is a long and comprehensive beach, so you will never have to fight for space. The beach is not in the vicinity of a town or resort, so you will have to drive to its edge. Please make sure you bring supplies for that day because the beach does not have facilities, but this is the ideal place for those who want to get away from mass tourism and enjoy nature as it is meant to be enjoyed.

Gostinu Beach

Plaja Gostinu
Gostinu Beach

According to the relaxed atmosphere, Gostinu Beach is a little different from the other beaches on the list, because it is not a Black Sea beach; it is actually on the banks of the famous Danube river. Apart from the lack of congestion, the beach is quite close to the capital, Bucharest, so you can easily enjoy a city break and drive for a few hours enjoying the sun and sand.

The beach is relatively thin, but it will never be very crowded because most people prefer to venture to the coast and enjoy the beaches of the Black Sea. However, it is a very beautiful, relaxing and ideal place for nature lovers. Bring binoculars if you are a bird watcher, as you will find lots of unique creatures around here that you can admire while enjoying a swim in the calm waters.

Corbu beach

Corbu beach
Corbu beach

One of the most popular beaches in Romania is, without a doubt, Corbu Beach, but that does not mean that it is a crowded beach! Corbu beach is a wild beach that locals go to, and tourists tend to move to the other beaches around it, probably because it is somewhat a hidden gem. As a result, you can enjoy a quiet day while admiring the wild surroundings.

If you are a fan of marine life, the surrounding waters are full of brightly colored fish and you can easily enjoy a snorkeling spot with fantastic visibility. The waters are safe for swimming, and the beach is quite wide, so there is enough space for children to run and burn some energy. When you get tired of the beach (impossible), you could walk and explore the local ruins.

Venus Beach

One of the many beach resorts named after Greek gods (or planets), Venus Beach is a little more popular, but it also offers a lot of peace. It is a resort for families and those who want to relax. Although it is not the largest beach resort in Romania, it comes with an extra dose of charm, as well as fine sand and crystal clear water. The beach has plenty of sun loungers and parasols, but you can also use your own towel and claim a seat.

St. George's Beach

Plaja Sfantu Gheorghe
Sfantu Gheorghe Beach

You can't go to Romania without visiting the Danube Delta, and St. George's Beach is right in the middle of it. The Danube Delta is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, due to its biodiversity and natural beauty. It is one of the largest deltas on the planet and is home to countless different species of birds and other wildlife. You will fall in love with this wild area in Romania!

However, the beach is ideal for relaxing and watching - at the same time - wildlife. The nearby town is also very picturesque and full of natural beauty, so you can venture to visit it after enjoying a short time on the sand and after a dip in the cool water.

Mamaia Beach

This beach has something for everyone. If you want to relax, you are covered, if you are going to enjoy water sports, there is something for you, if you are going to practice sports on the beach, again, you have a choice and if you want to spend all night , you will find more than enough nightclubs to do just that!

Mamaia Beach is surrounded by several high quality accommodation options, which explains why it is so popular with all different types of travelers. However, it is also a great place for families, as there is more than enough to keep the little ones busy.

Agigea Beach

This is a must see if you love snorkeling, as the visibility here is fantastic and the marine life abundant. The beach itself has a relaxed atmosphere, and if you like seafood, it is the ideal beach place because the village of Agigea offers some of the best seafood dishes in the country.

There isn't much shade on Agigea Beach, so this is something to keep in mind during the peak summer months, but all you have to do is remember to pack an umbrella and leave! This is also a good option for families, as the beach is wide and allows children to run in relatively uncrowded surroundings.

Eforie Nord Beach

Located in the city of Eforie, on the Black Sea beach, Eforie Nord Beach is one of the best beaches in Romania for families. Here are missing the night parties that we find in most resorts on the Romanian coast, so you will see many other families with children here. It is a fairly crowded beach and sometimes quite noisy, but there are also a lot of facilities and services in the area.

Sulina Beach

Sulina Beach
Sulina Beach

Even though Sulina Beach is a stone's throw from the center of Sulina, it is a quiet place and the ideal place for a bit of R&R! This beach is under UNESCO protection. When you see its almost untouched beauty, you will understand why!

The beach is long, although not very wide, but it is a great place to sunbathe with the family, because the waters are safe, making a safe environment for the little ones. The fact that you are close to the city center also means that you can go out to dinner or look for a place to have a refreshing drink afterwards, without having to go too far.

Vama Veche Beach

So far, we have covered relaxed, idyllic beaches, where you can relax and enjoy the view. Now, Vama Veche Beach is an amazing beach, but it is not the most relaxing option, as it is the perfect place to go if you want to enjoy the nightlife and a slightly more vibrant feeling for your beach holiday.

This is a very popular place in Romania - in general - and it is quite busy in the summer months. Make sure you head to the beach early to get the best seat and enjoy the local nightlife, and after the parties until dawn, fall asleep on the beach or admire one of the most beautiful sunsets. .

Costinesti beach

Costinesti Beach is famous as one of the top beaches in Romania for parties. It is extremely popular with students and young people, who fill pubs, bars and nightclubs on hot summer nights, ready to party.

In addition, Costinesti beach is also the site of a well-known shipwreck. The ship is still abandoned near the beach and is one of the most photographed places on the Black Sea coast.

Gura Portitei Beach

PHOTO: Vacant Paradise of Vis

We are now returning to a slower pace of life, due to occupations and family. If you want peace and total relaxation, this is the ideal place, because it is a real hidden gem. The beach is undeveloped and untouched and is next to a small fishing village with a huge amount of charm. If you want a romantic or destined place to take the children or a place where you can have total relaxation, this beach is the ideal place in Romania for you.

There are definitely other beautiful beaches in Romania. If you have discovered such a wonderful place and you think it is worth mentioning in this article, we are waiting for your pictures on our Instagram or Facebook or you can mention us in your posts.

That being said, we wish you a summer full of travel and relaxation :)!

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