The Boeing 737-700 TAROM plane, which brings home the Romanians from South Africa, will land at Air Base 90 Bucharest

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We inform you that the Boeing 737-700 TAROM aircraft (YR-BGG), which carries out the repatriation mission of the citizens of South Africa, will land today, November 30, 2021, at the Bucharest Air Base 90, around 16.30 pm. There are 70 passengers on board.

To be clear to everyone, the plane will land on one of the runways of Henri Coanda International Airport, Bucharest, but passengers will disembark at Air Base 90, which is in the vicinity of the airport.

The army was requested by the Government to take over the aircraft, as it was considered that there was too much risk of passengers being passed through the Arrivals terminal on Henri Coandă, although a special corridor had originally been created there. The athletes of the rugby team from Baia Mare will be picked up from there by a smaller TAROM plane, which will take them to their destination, informs

As mentioned above, there are 70 passengers on board: 46 Romanian citizens (including the sports delegation of CSM Baia Mare), 18 European citizens (10 Bulgarian citizens, 4 Spanish citizens, 3 Polish citizens, 1 Hungarian citizen) and 6 citizens from third countries (4 Georgian citizens, 1 Australian citizen, 1 New Zealand citizen - these being part of the group of athletes of the SCM Baia Mare and residing in Romania).

Unfortunately, 7 other Romanian passengers were stranded in Cape Town because they failed to board the repatriation flight. The representatives of the Romanian Embassy in Pretoria remain in contact with them and will continue their support efforts in order to identify, in the near future, other transport solutions to Romania.

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