The state of alert was extended in Romania by 30 days. See what's new.

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Romania went on alert on May 15, after the state of emergency had been in force for the previous two months. The alert was extended on June 16 and will be extended for another 30 days for the second time.

Decision no. 553 of 15 July

The Government decision regarding the extension of the alert status on the Romanian territory starting with July 17, 2020, for a period of 30 days, was published on Thursday in the Official Gazette. The normative act also establishes the measures that are applied during the alert state to prevent and combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"This extension of the alert state does not come with new restrictions, but, unfortunately, with new measures of relaxation as we would have liked in the areas that are still affected.", Declared, on Wednesday evening, the deputy prime minister Raluca Turcan, quoted by

The measure of the obligation to wear masks 

Thus, for example, the measure of the obligation to wear masks in closed public spaces, in commercial spaces, means of public transport and at work. The organization and conduct of rallies, demonstrations, processions, concerts or other types of gatherings in open spaces, as well as gatherings of the nature of cultural, scientific, artistic, sporting or entertainment activities in closed spaces. Restaurants remain closed.

I also took a look at the flights and travel conditions. The measures announced by Decision no. 553 of 15 July, were published in the Official Gazette with no. 627 of July 16, 2020.

In Annex 3, Article 3, reference is made to flights. And below you have the full text according to the Decision.

In conditions art. 5 para. (3) lit. d) of Law no. 55/2020, as subsequently amended, the following measures shall be established:1. Suspension of flights performed by aviation economic operators to countries not subject to the quarantine / isolation exception established by the National Institute of Public Health and approved by the National Committee for Emergency Situations and from these countries to Romania for all airports in Romania, according to art. 37 of Law no. 55/2020, with subsequent amendments.

This is exactly what we announced last night, in another article. Flights to Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, Russia and to all countries not on the INSP Romania green list are suspended.

Below you have all the Decision No. 553 with the related annexes.

decision-government-553-15 July

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