AEROTIM mobile application for Timisoara International Airport

This year Timisoara - Traian Vuia International Airport has a mobile application, which provides passengers with real-time updated information on flight schedules, services and other useful information.

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The application is called "AEROTIM" and can be installed on mobile devices. A mobile app is much faster and displays information much faster. It can be accessed directly by simply pressing the icon on the phone's skull.

The flight program information transmitted through this platform is updated in real time. Currently, the application is available in Romanian and English, and will soon be available in and in Hungarian and Serbian.

“We are aware of the importance of the presence of information in the online environment and we have complied with the most used and attractive variant of accessing them by creating this application called AEROTIM. Our intention is to help the passengers and not only, by offering them a faster and easier way to search and inform about the schedule of flights, services, rights and news that may be of interest to passengers.

Currently, the application is available in Romanian and English, but soon there will also be the Hungarian and Serbian version. Online information for us is a priority, which is why we offer passengers both the variant of a website,, as well as an easy and accessible application, created especially for mobile devices ”, stated the general manager Daniel Idolu.

AEROTIM mobile application

We have installed the application and we can say that it moves surprisingly well. Flight information is updated in real time. You have information on the flight number, time, air carrier, but also their status. You can filter by code, city or airline. The application presents the local time and weather status.

In addition to flight information, it also offers information of general interest, such as: passenger rights, modes of transport from / to Timisoara - Traian Vuia International Airport, information about airlines flying to Timisoara and many more.

I liked the computer for parking. If you plan to leave your car in the airport parking lot, you can find out in advance how much it costs depending on the time and area. We made a simple calculation and for 2 days we were notified that the rate is 219 lei.

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