The EU COVID-19 digital certificate will be mandatory for accessing enclosed public spaces in Switzerland

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The Swiss authorities have decided to make the COVID-19 certificate mandatory for all people over the age of 16 who want to access public indoor spaces and for various activities, as cases of infection in the country have started to increase dramatically.

Such a decision was taken at a meeting on 25 August. However, no official announcement has yet been made as to when such a rule will enter into force.

According to a press release issued by the Swiss Federal Council, it has been proposed to extend the certificate requirement to all interior areas of bars, restaurants and clubs. Access to cinemas, theaters, concerts, sporting and private events will also be allowed only to holders of the COVID-19 certificate.

"Access to locations such as museums, zoos, fitness centers, climbing halls, swimming pools, water parks, spas, billiard rooms and casinos will be limited to holders of COVID certificates." , the Council added.

This means that all people who are able to demonstrate that they have been completely vaccinated, recovered from the disease or who have recently had a negative result will be able to access closed spaces and participate in several activities in Switzerland without being subject to restrictions.

In contrast, it was emphasized that certificates will not be required when participating in open-air, outdoor spaces. In addition, the certificate requirement will not apply to staff members who are still subject to other rules. However, if staff members hold the COVID-19 certificate, they will no longer be required to wear a mask / comply with such a rule.

Therefore, as it takes two to three weeks for the newly imposed measures to prove effective, the Swiss authorities have decided to tighten the measures before the hospitals are overworked and the number of infected people increases.

Currently, 56% of the entire Swiss population has received at least a single dose of vaccine, which is lower than the rate of 63% in other European Union countries and the Schengen area.

With the exception of the announcement that the health certificate will now be mandatory to allow entry to more indoor places, the Federal Council also revealed that COVID-19 tests will no longer be free.

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